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         August  2018

         August  2018

         August  2018

Tiger Wraps Congratulates our "Top Team Member" of the Month Chris Doherty.  Chris has taken charge over the Print Production Department keeping up with the ever demanding installation department. His expertise in his field has made the entire process from Design to Print to Installation a smooth process. Chris received a $500.00 Bonus for his Great Work.

Tiger Wraps Congratulates Connor Neese on being the TOP Team Member of the Month !  Connor has excelled every month and in August he stepped out and went above and beyond with constantly meeting deadlines, virtually zero mistakes and took control of several situations to make things go as smoothly as possible without any delays. Connor received a $500 Bonus for his extraordinary efforts. 


Motorcycles & ATV

Customizing your motorcycle wrap can be created with any design and ideas you can imagine.

When we wrap trailers we do a seamless install so the trailer actually looks like it was painted.

​Trailer Wraps

Fleet wraps are our specialty, our facility and staff allows us to handle large scale projects fast and efficiently.

A semi trailer wrap will get you noticed whether on the highway or on the job site. 

Custom Wraps

​  When it comes to your food truck wrap the possibilities are endless as they are an expression of your signature dishes.

We do all types of bus wraps charter, fleet, and coach we can meet your needs.​ 

Our boat wraps are some of the coolest in the industry, Whether you are a pro angler or just pleasure boating we take care of it all.  

Boat Wraps

Car Wraps

Our custom wraps range from mild to wild. If you can dream it we can create it.

Semi Wraps

Fleet Wraps

​Bus & RV Wraps

Food Truck Wraps 

Our truck and van wraps include commercial and custom wraps. We work with our clients to achieve branding goals, so you stand out from crowd. 

Truck & Van Wraps

Our car wraps include something for every taste. From mild to wild, we have something for everyone. Or, if you have your own design or idea, we'll make it happen!

         July  2018

         June  2018

Tiger Wraps Welcomes Alex Guffey as our New Graphic  Artist. Alex has experience as a Creative Director and Brand Identity for several companies. He also brings with him the skills of Design and Print Technician as well as editing, photography, proofing and printing in large format. We Look forward to having him as part of the team.

Tiger Wraps & Graphics

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Affordable Wraps Dallas Wraps Dfw Wraps Car Wrap Truck Wrap Boat Wrap in In Lewisville

We are one of the Nation's premier wrap companies, and every day we strive to continuously give our clients the best in vehicle wraps. We use High-Performance materials like Avery MPI1005 vinyl, DOL1360Z lamination and 3M products as well. Our New 2017 MIMAKI digital printer is the latest technology in digital printing and it prints in high definition. All three of our printers are 8 color MIMAKIs, two are 54" and one is 63", which allows us to print seamless wraps on virtually all vehicles. If your need is less than a wrap, we also have two 54" cutters that provide us with unlimited possibilities when it comes to cut vinyl lettering and custom decals. Our clients’ needs vary depending on their budget, not everyone can afford a complete vehicle wrap so we must be flexible and have the ability to accommodate their needs and still achieve their goals. We believe that our clients are number one, and we treat them with a high level of respect and honesty right from the start. Whether you’re getting a car wrap, truck wrap, trailer wrap, boat wrap, or just decals and cut vinyl lettering we bring you in to meet face to face at our home office and walk you through the entire process from creating your design, digital printing process, lamination, as well as the vehicle preparation and installation. We install all our vehicle wraps in a 10,000 Sq. Ft. climate controlled facility year round, which allows us to accommodate buses, semi-trailers, and RV's. If you are not using a climate controlled facility you are subject to climate changes, and the vinyl will react differently in the morning than it does in the afternoon as well as not adhering to the vehicle surface if the humidity is too high.

 Tiger Wraps prides itself in having a 97% customer satisfaction rating with over 2100+ vehicle wraps to date in just over seven years. This comes from the owners being involved in every aspect of the day to day operations. One of the most important aspects to our clients is time. We know time is money so we strive to get you in and out as quickly as possible so your advertising dollars can go to work bringing you new business. Your vehicle wrap says who you are and when it comes to advertising nothing gets you more exposure than a vehicle wrap, after all it's a rolling business card. If a vehicle isn't wrapped the business is not taking advantage of the valuable advertising space it already owns. Tiger Wraps can help you achieve your advertising and branding goals and in return drive clients to your door. 

Tiger Wraps And Graphics LLC


Tiger Wraps Congratulates Cody McNeil for being the "Top Team Member" for the Month. Cody has once again stepped up and has gone above and beyond each and every day by being in early,  staying until the job deadlines have been met and doing an overall great job. He has received a $500.00 bonus for his extraordinary efforts.

A Word of Appreciation

To our "Road Warriors" for the Fantastic job they are doing out and about.  With the extreme fleet work they have been doing in Houston, and heading to San Antonio, Austin, Oklahoma City and Memphis; the work you do and days you are away from our offices is Greatly Appreciated.  The client is thrilled with each vehicle and trailer being exactly the same from City to City and State to State.

Locations custom vehicle wraps vinyl vehicle wraps vehicle wrap graphics vehicle wraps in Lewisville Vehicle Graphics and Lettering inDallas, Tiger Wrapz Tiger Wrapz Vehicle Wraps

Tiger Wraps and Graphics Ohio

2280 Parkman Rd. NW

Warren, OH 44485

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custom Vehicle Wraps in Dallase Vehicle WRaps in Lewisville

Vehicle Wraps DFW at Affordable Pricing - Custom Vehicle Wraps, Affordable Car Wraps, Truck Wraps, Motorcycle Wraps, Trailer Wraps - Tiger Wraps & Graphics, LLC
Vehicle Wraps DFW at Affordable Pricing - Custom Vehicle Wraps, Affordable Car Wraps, Truck Wraps, Motorcycle Wraps, Trailer Wraps - Tiger Wraps & Graphics, LLC

Tiger Wraps and Graphics, LLC

330 Lake Park Rd. Suite 100

Lewisville, TX 75057

(972) 221.2333 or Toll Free (844) TGR-WRAP

Tiger Wraps Welcomes Breanna McNeil as Wrap Installer Trainee. Breanna has been working on and off with the company over the past year and has made the transition to become a Full Time Team Member, she brings with her skills that will be an exceptional addition to the team. We look forward to a long career together.