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Vehicle prep is very important if it's not prepped correctly, the wrap will not be right. We put each vehicle through a three stage cleaning where we do an initial wash where we remove all waxes and oxidation. We rewash again to remove all cleaning product residue left behind; finally we clean the vehicle with a 91% alcohol (not the 78% industry standard). This allows for the best adhesion for your wrap and to insure the manufacturers' warranty. If your wrap has not been installed by a certified installation company that takes the time to clean, and install your wrap in a climate controlled facility, the manufacturer will not cover the warranty on materials.

The branding of one or more vehicles is very important, as we all know in this day and age it's all about what you look like. If your out on the streets and people see your wrap their going to look at it and what you do for your service, if your wrap does not convey who you are and what you do in about 60 seconds you lost another potential client. Also if they get a chance to see your wrap sitting still and your wrap has misspelled words text not lining up, artwork blurry or the wrap peeling up they may think twice about using you. If you would accept your wrap that way what does that say about your work. Lets remember one thing you have about 60 seconds to get someones attention driving down the road your design needs to be clear and defined.

We have years of experience in creating and designing logo's and corporate branding, some of the companies we've done work for, (Taco Bell, BRI Roofing, Lyca Mobile, Verizon, NFL, Durham Bus Services, Complete Land Sculpture, Greater Texas Landscapes, Azuma, Parks Coffee, CPI, and many more. We take great pride in being able to handle large scale projects promptly and efficiently, whether you have 1 or 100+ we can handle your project and make sure the last one we do looks as good as the first one.    

Here at Tiger Graphics & Wraps, we prefer to use only "High-Performance" materials from leading manufacturers such as Avery and 3M. These are the best in the industry for wrapping vehicles. We also carry an economy vinyl to accommodate our clients that are just starting out and don't have a large budget for advertising. This allows them to still achieve some of their advertising needs and goals while still staying within their budget.  All of our printers have the latest in advanced digital printing technology. Once printed we laminate using a high performance lamination which protects and insures the life of your wrap for many years to come.

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Q: Why should I have my vehicle wrapped?

A: Business owners are looking for innovative ways to reach their client market outside the traditional advertising methods, vehicle wraps allow a 24/7 365 day a year way of advertising and is the most cost effective method for doing so.

Q: Why do we use high performance wrap materials?

A: Simply put, we like to give our clients the best materials to insure the best quality and longevity, we also understand there are several factors such as budget. As well as having clients that request and are familiar with certain brands of vinyl. Rather than just offering one brand we allow you to be in complete control of your vehicle wrap process to meet your specific needs such as long term wrap or just a temporary wrap for special events.

Q: How long will my wrap last?

A: Generally vehicle wraps have a life expectancy of three to four years. Since we use High-Performance materials, your vehicle wrap will look as brilliant in EIGHT YEARS as it did the first day you received it.

Q: How long will the process take? 

A: The process greatly depends on you and whether you have your own artwork or we have to create it. Usually about 5 to 7 days from concept to completion, this may vary due to your design.

Q: What about maintenance of my wrap?

A: We use Hi-Performance materials with a UV durable over-laminate that requires no waxing to maintain to shine. Simply wash with soap and water. We also provide a care and maintenance guide for all your wrap questions.

Q: I've seen other wraps with seams, will my wrap have seams?

A: Tiger Wraps will design your vehicle wrap using your vehicle's doors, hood, and fenders as the seams. On trailers, we carefully measure each panel to give a seamless wrap and the look of custom paint. On some vehicles, such as, large vans, trucks, and trailers, RV's, it is impossible not to have seams. However, Tiger Wraps experienced and certified installers will match the patterns, design, and any wording perfectly, so you will barely notice any seams.

Once your wrap is completed, our quality control team will go over every inch of your vehicle to insure the wrap is ready to be released to you and that it meets our strict standards.